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Embracing eco-friendliness is the latest trend nowadays! As the fuel consumption increases, the prices of fuel increase. And ultimately we have to suffer the consequences economically and environmentally. At this point, the carpooling service could be an enticing and reasonable option to tackle our regular life issues. This taxi-sharing app is just the next step ahead of the ride-hailing service. The carpooling apps promote the way of going green. It’s not wrong to say that ride-sharing service tends to travel efficiently by saving fuel and conserving the environment.

As people’s demands or needs increase, the taxi-sharing app grabs everyone’s attention. So, if you are an entrepreneur, you may be aware of this immensely growing market. It is the perfect time to kick off your own taxi service business and turn it into revenue revenue-generating machine. We are here to build a taxi app and incorporate your innovative ideas into the platform. We offer fully white-label solutions for Android and iOS Platforms. So, let’s discuss this amazing business model further to make your brand globally visible.


In the ride share app, the user (the driver) offers a ride with details like where you're going, routes, fares, and time of departure. The passenger seeking the ride search for the available rides that matches their preferences or route, and books the seat in the vehicle. On the day, the passenger meets the driver and fellow passengers at a preferred location. After arriving at the destination, the passenger will share the ride cost. Which makes it a perfect budget-friendly option. Moreover, you can rate your journey experience of taxi service.

Benefits Of Carpooling For Passenger:
  • Minimize your travel expenses
  • Discover rides that match your schedule
  • Make new friends while travelling
  • It offers an enhanced commuting experience similar to the basic ride
Benefits Of Carpooling For Drivers:
  • Increase income by having more passengers
  • Share travel costs
  • Reduce stress enjoy the journey with passengers
Benefits Of Carpooling For Environments:
  • Reduces traffic congestion
  • Result in reduced noise pollution
  • Leads to better air quality
  • Best economical mode of travelling
  • Reduces the number of vehicles on the road, leading to lower emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants
How App Works:
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Users and drivers have the option to sign up and log in using their social media accounts, like Facebook or Google.

Ride Posting

Drivers can offer rides by specifying routes, dates, times, and seat availability in the best carpooling app.

Ride Search

In our new ride sharing app passengers can search for available rides based on their travel needs and preferences.

Real-Time Tracking

The passenger can track the ride’s progress with the help of GPS tracking and estimate the time of arrival.

Cost Sharing

The total cost of the journey is equally divided by the number of people travelling through the new ride sharing app.

Round-Trip Option

Users offering rides can choose a round-trip feature to streamline the ride creation process, especially when planning a return trip.

payment options

Users have various payment choices for shared rides, including cash, credit/debit cards, and digital wallet payments.

Search Filters

Our best car pooling app comes with enhanced search options, such as filtering by driver rating or vehicle type.

Estimated Time

Users receive automatic ride duration suggestions, assisting them in planning their journey more effectively.

Map Navigation

Built-in navigation for drivers, allowing them to utilize Google Maps for pickups and identify the optimal routes for the ride.

Ratings and Reviews

Users can rate and review drivers and passengers as per their experience to build trust and accountability.


The In-app messaging feature allows users to communicate with drivers about ride details, any instructions, or further information.

Booking & Reservations

Passengers can easily and instantly book seats on rides, and drivers can confirm reservations.

Ride History

Users can go through the history of past rides for reference and to make better decisions.


Users can receive notifications for ride updates, bookings, and messages and stay updated.

Cancel Booking

Users can cancel a booked ride and specify a reason for cancellation, and the driver receives notification.


Have a Close Look At the Step by Step Workflow of the Best Ride Share App


Powerful Dashboard

Our software offers an intuitive and robust dashboard and management system, empowering administrators to access graphical highlights and insights with ease.

Payment Management

Admin can manage payment transactions, track and manage commissions earned from rides, and also process refunds when necessary.

Reporting & Analytics

An admin can create reports on user activity, revenue, and other key metrics. And there are data visualization tools for tracking platform performance.

Manage Users & Drivers

The Admin has the capability to view and manage user and driver information, like names, email addresses, contact details, city of operation, etc.

Manage Cars

The admin can add and modify car models. Additionally, they possess the capability to reject and delete car models as needed.

Feedback & Reviews

An admin can monitor and manage user reviews and ratings and handle feedback and complaints from users.


The admin can communicate with users and address their concerns; he sends out notifications, alerts, and updates to users.

Geolocation Integration

In the best ride share app, the admin can access geolocation data for monitoring rides and users' real-time locations.


White-Label App

Our system is fully white-label, allows you to brand it with any name or logo. Your customers will never be aware of the product's origin.

Fully Customizability

The product is entirely customizable, allowing you to make modifications and tailor it to your needs with the assistance of your Laravel developers.

Native Mobile Apps

The system for our taxi sharing app provides top-notch user experiences on both the iOS and Android platforms through native apps.

Scalable Solution

Our system supports businesses to grow, with categorized products designed for easy expansion.

Pocket-Friendly Product

Our ride-sharing clone script is cheaper than most other similar scripts on the market.

Ready-made solution

Our system is ready to go, with all the features and services in place and designed for your needs.


Our carpooling web panels, Android and iOS app source code are built on a robust and scalable technology architecture. This use of the latest technology in ride sharing app development enhances the script's power and effectiveness for your business.


Have Doubts? We have Answers!

A carpooling app is a mobile application that connects people travelling in the same direction, helping them share rides and reduce transportation costs.

There are many benefits to a carpooling app, like time and cost savings in development and access to a pre-equipped platform with essential features.

A taxi service script usually comprises user registration, ride search and booking, ride-sharing, payments, reviews, notifications, and more.

Our carpooling clones offer complete customization. You can introduce new features, tweak existing ones, and tailor the design to align with your brand.

Yes, you will be the final owner of the source code after the purchase of the car pool app.

Of course, we provide a free demo of the taxi app; just connect with us via chat or e-mail.

The cost of the taxi-like app depends on the features or functionalities that you want to integrate into the app. So the exact cost can’t be stated clearly.

We offer ongoing support throughout and after development, including one year of free post-development assistance. If you need further customization, don't hesitate to contact us.


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